Chelsea and Tony Northrup – Sorry Dad!

Stunning Digital Photography Tony Northrup

So my Dad has been teaching me some photography – but he is always busy at work! I have found one of the books on his bookshelf called “Stunning Digital Photography” by Tony Northrup and in it are links to videos and there is also a YouTube channel.

Stunning Digital Photography Tony Northrup

Tony and Chelsea are funny and they rock! But they do sometimes swear on their YouTube videos – but I am learning from them (not how to swear) – but how to use my camera. In fact, they are there when I want to learn and Dad is at work (and I think Tony is more handsome than my Dad!).

Tony and Chelsea Northrup

Take a look at their YouTube lessons and their book.

ISO, Macros and Food – all for a School Project

Macro Food

So I have started Secondary School and this weekend’s homework was to produce some “food art”……..
I was so excited and I told Mum and Dad, who were not so excited. Anyway, today I made a mess with Dad, making a volcano scene using some Lego figures and some food (broccoli, mash potato, baked beans, porridge oats, tomato sauce and a corn thin). Dad helped me with some “off camera flashes” and some gels to change the colour of the light.
Food Art Set upFood Art Set up

Lights, Camera and Action

Food Art Set up

Making sure we had enough mash for the volcano – cheating using a cup!

Food Art Set up

Getting the shot!

Then I moved on to some macro food photography – using a tripod and raising the ISO to get a good exposure I took some images of several food items – can you guess what each one is.
Something I discovered is that getting focus right when doing macro photography is really difficult and some of these are not perfect, but it was good fun (especially as Dad tidied up!).

Food Art Set up
Using a tripod and remote trigger for macro work – focus is so difficult with macro rings on.

ISO; raising this makes the sensor more sensitive to light, but also makes some grainy dots appear in the dark areas of the photos. So for me I had to balance the exposure with the ISO to get the lighting right and to minimise the unwanted dots on my pictures.