The beginning

I probably should have typed this one first, but have already put another post up and now looking at my site, I thought I should let you know how this all started.

My dad has always been a keen photographer and has taken photos of weddings and events for a long time. I used to take a few pictures as well. Recently I have been allowed out around the little close we live in and at first I used to have a walkie-talkie, so that Mum and Dad could check on me.

Last Christmas, I got a mobile phone and I now take this with me when I am out (and for walking to and from school on my own). A few houses away, I have a friend called Sofia and she is a little older than me and loves taking photos on her phone. Sofia really got me into taking photos on my phone too and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures I took. I especially like taking pictures of flower and other interesting things close up.

Dad saw some of these photos and said they were good and I instantly saw the chance to start pestering him for a “real camera”. Dad is a “soft touch” – so I knew he would eventually give in and I am sure he liked the idea of something we could both do together.

After Dad got me an old Canon 50d from eBay, which was far too heavy for me – he agreed to swap this for his old 1100d – which is much lighter. Dad then got me a camera bag and said I could use a couple of his old lenses – so here I am today, learning about photography.

Below are some pictures I took at my Girl Guide photo evening.

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