White Horse Woods Country Park

Dad and I were bored and Mum wanted us out of the house so she could get on with her marking and studies. So we decided to grab our cameras and tripods and go out for a photography walk.

We drove to a Country Park, about 15 minutes from where we live, sorted out our kit bags and went off for a walk. It was cold and because we had our tripods, the bags were heavy, but Dad, had packed some snacks and some water.

Dad decided to show me how we could use a flash to give a little bit of light and stop a photo becoming just a shadow or silhouette. So first of all he showed me what the photo of me would look like without using a flash. He “exposed for the background” and I stepped into the photo – he didn’t even bother focusing on me!

As you can see the background looks okay – but I am too dark. Slowing down the shutter speed, opening up the aperture (letting in more light) or raising the ISO (making the sensor more sensitive to light) would make me lighter, but would also make everything else lighter.

Then Dad got out a flash and placed it on a stand next to me, adjusting the brightness until I had enough light falling on me. He did not change the camera settings, so that the background also looked right.

Using a flash to “balance the light” for both the background and me to be exposed properly (although the sky is still a bit bright – Dad!)

Next he let me take some photos of him using the same technique – but he won’t let me publish them here after my previous post about Tony Northrup being more handsome! However, I really enjoyed playing with the flash andDad has said we can play around with some coloured covers for them and a background to see what else we can do.

On our drive to the Country Park, I saw a really interesting barn and I wanted to photograph this, so we set off for a walk. We found a field and stood at the edge taking some photos. I also got a photo of a strange tower – I am not quite sure what it was, but I liked it.

Barn in the field – Colour

Tower – black and white

Looking at these photos, I wish I had moved around the other side of the barn as when we were driving to the location, I could see the open windows, letting in the light and making them stand out. I think this would have looked better.

While we were taking photos, a small aeroplane flew over and I swapped to Dad’s 300mm lens and grabbed a few photos. I did forget to change my camera settings, so they are not the best, but it was good practice to try following the plane while it flew through the air.

Going out with my camera and taking photos as I see things – was great fun and while Dad did not turn it into a lesson as such, I really enjoyed this.

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